text list, opens in new window Lebap, Russian Turkestan (now Turkmenistan); Russian Turkestan (now Kazakhstan); Nookat District, Kyrgyzstan; Okinawa Prefecture, Shimajiri District, Izena, Japan; Eparchiaki Odos Firon-Ias, Thira, Greece; Magdalena, Colombia; Pacoa, Vaupes, Colombia; Kamchatka, Russia; Jalisco, Mexico; Ryukyu Islands, Japan; Saricha Rd, Afghanistan; N of Sumbawa Is, Lesser Sunda Islands, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia); San Miguel, Philippines; Caroline Islands; NW of Tongatapu Island, Tonga; Gulf of Aniva, Sakhalin (Karafuto Prefecture, Japan); Peru-Chile Trench, off Tarapaca, Chile; Ward Basin, Rat Islands, Aluetians; Bonoa, Dominican Republic; North New Hebrides Trench; SW of Agattu Is.,Near Islands, Aluetians; E of Maewo, New Hebrides Is.( now Vanuatu); o/s W of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico; N of German New Guinea, (now Papua New Guinea)

Major World Earthquakes 1911 Graph

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