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Irian Jaya, Indonesia (2); Kuril Trench, Russia; Sangihe Trough, Talaud Islands, Indonesia; NE of Kermadec Islands; NW of Svalbard; Horizon Deep, Tonga Trench; Kuril Islands, Russia; N of Bahia Is, Honduras; Dusky Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand; S of Honshu, Japan; Andaman Islands, India; SW Ryukyu Islands, Japan; S of Java, Indonesia; Samoa/ Tonga Trench; o/s Sumatra Barat, Indonesia;  N of Hiw Island, Vanuatu (2); Vanuatu/ Santa Cruz Islands; Damar Ridge, Banda Sea; Fiji Islands

Major World Earthquakes 2009 Graph

72 hour Aftershock Timeline Graph ( magnitude versus time) for the Dusky Sound, Fiordland, NZ 7.8Mw, 15/07/2009 earthquake based on data from Geonet, aftershock coverage area S-46.63,N-45.1,W165.48,E167.5.
72 hour Dusky Sound, Fiordland, NZ 7.8 Aftershocks GraphGraph


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