Project Progress

It has been brought to my attention that most of the data pre 2000 is incomplete.

ER Engdahl and A Villasenor from the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA have published a comprehensive publication “Global Seismicity: 1900-1999” which brings together many secondary catalogues such as Gutenberg & Richter’s 1954 publication “Seismicity of the Earth”, which provides most of the larger earthquakes occuring between 1904 and 1952.
Other catalogues such as Abe (1981, 1984), Abe and Noguchi (1983), Bath and Duda (1979), Geller and Kanamori (1977), Pacheco and Sykes (1992) and Rothe (1969) are used in compiling the data.

I have run the data within the “Centennial Catalog” for two years, 1949 & 1950 beside the data I have already used and found another 17 and 21 respectively.
Therefore I will revise each year again, as time permits, until all data is complete, before moving on to pre 1910.
As the data is entered and published I will mark the bars on the charts with an red tip to show those that have been revised
* Note. If you are following the updates on a regular basis, you may have to clear your cookies to be able to see the new updated charts and maps rather than the old ones. I had problems seeing them myself until I realised what was going on.


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